UCB Extension – Social Media Marketing Course

I signed up for this class wanting to learn more about the use of social media , from a business perspective. That’s exactly what I got. Prior to this, I’ve used Facebook mostly for personal purposes, and barely created a Facebook business page and Instagram account. I’ve been thinking about using other social media networks for a while, but with all the options that are out there, didn’t know which ones to use. Even if I did use them, how would I be able to promote my makeup artistry in both a professional and personable way? What should I post? How often? How do I manage all of these accounts?

Thankfully, our instructor, Michael Brito, was able to break this down. Conceptually, he explained the importance of each network and the way the content should be organized. From the hub and spoke model to best practices, he went over the basics necessary to understand if you want to be successful in this area of marketing. He also gave us real time examples to solidify our understanding of the material, pulling from his personal accounts and other well-crafted sites. He shared various platform options and other resources we can use to help organize our accounts. I had no idea that there existed such a valuable tool such as Hootsuite.com that consolidates all of your social media accounts so its easier to manage, or how to optimize content on a blog so increase the chances of it showing up during a search, or knew the importance of having each social media network linked to the others. He made it all make sense.

Although I haven’t had the chance to delve much into this aside from class assignments, I now feel well equip to get started on marketing myself and my freelance work. Those accounts I set up months and months ago will now be put to valuable use. Thanks, Michael, for planting the seeds and sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. I can’t wait to get started and see what results from applying these new sets of skills to my personal projects!

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