Tweet Archives

Twitter recently launched its ability to download all tweets, starting  from the inception of the account to the present. The CEO of Twitter had promised that this would be available by the end of the year. However, it is currently only accessible by a select few, as they are still in the testing phase.


I assume that for business purposes, this feature can be very useful monitoring tool. Not only will they be able to better track frequency, but also get a quick overview on which tweets gained more audience engagement, recruited the most followers, and produced the most retweets. This can also serve as examples of best practices for those creating policies and procedures around social media marketing for their companies. For those who use the account for customer service questions and trouble-shooting, maybe this tweet archive can later be available to the public in an FAQ format.

Many people are excited about this feature, although this excitement was expressed via complaints since it is not yet available to everyone.


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