Social Media and the Beauty World

Being a freelance makeup artist while holding down and full-time job (in a completely different industry), taking a business class and attempting to maintain a social life can be quite difficult. Not that I’m complaining, but until I can transform my passion for makeup artistry into a full-time gig, I constantly have to think about ways to promote myself. In trying to consider which social media avenues to use, I thought about what I used for reference when I was first starting out…even just to learn more about makeup for fun. Aside from going into MAC watching the artist’s application techniques, YouTube was my visual makeup bible! If I wanted to learn a certain technique, I could just search for it and watch the step-by-step execution of that technique. I would refer to the same ‘makeup

eyegurus’ over and over again if I liked their work. I trusted their opinions and feedback on makeup products, enough to try them myself. Some artists have a built a name for themselves through this. Very popular ones are starting to get sponsored by makeup companies, and even hired for gigs.

Instagram is another popular arena for makeup ideas and tips. Ranging from looks created by/for an established makeup company to ones by the girl/guy next door, there’s enough on there to satiate your creative hunger…AND its to the point! Sometimes a description or list of products are noted underneath the image. This is a quick and easy way to get what you are looking for. instaThe limited amount of space available for posts benefits  both viewer and the creator; the viewer can get exactly what they want – an image of a makeup look, while the creator can reference their audience to their other social media accounts for more detail.

Blogs, Facebook and Twitter are big players in the makeup world, each with a different focus. All of these help to build a relationship with the viewer, which in turn builds a reputation and possible business opportunities for the artist. As there are a good number of avenues to consider, I really need to sit down a figure out which ones to use and which will realistically work with my schedule. I’m in the process of creating a social media calendar to help organize my ideas with this project. I’ve got a lot of work to do!

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