Challenges of WeChat

Nowadays, there are many stores connected with WeChat. Customers only need to take out their smartphone from pocket and scan the QR code. They might get prize, become membership or some discount from that. In last four months, thousands of brands have joined WeChat membership system. More and more customers are involved in this. They follow some brand account for getting a discount, but how many of them are continuing focused on the news those accounts pushed and built a good relationship with them? That’s a problem.


It can’t balance the numbers of followed accounts and information absorption:

News in Wechat are delivered point to point mode. Users will only notice the news if they open WeChat. But if they follow more than 10 accounts, they might get lost of what should they read. If they follow only few accounts, it will be easier for people who receive but it does block users from getting more information, which is not that good to business.

Special notifications make users impatient:

Notifications of unread news are marked as 1, 2, 3…This could cause an anxiety. In this condition, users might just open news removing numbers without reading them. Actually, I did that a lot. Some others accumulate those subscriptions and ignore them. On facebook or twitter, people usually consume fragmented time without pressure. They happen to notice some branding information and events in their timeline. That is a more acceptable environment to them.

One way communication, interactive model is not normal between fans and business:

In most case, businesses send news to their followers which are only one way. Public WeChat accounts can reply automatically after you set about key words. When followers really give some complaints or feedbacks, those accounts are not suitable as customer service.

Can business really get returns through this?

Businesses in twitter give users discounts and get word-spreading. WeChat is one to one, which means limited influence. If the influence is limited, point to point promotion might not be very effective. Not mention some users just unfollow accounts immediately once they get benefits. So we have to doubt the returns of businesses.

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