Hashtag #PacMarquez  on Twitter has been buzzing with updates from sports channels, fight enthusiasts and those who just want to stir the pot. Tonight, Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao, will be facing Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time in Las Vegas. These two pound-for-pound fighters went at it first in 2004 which resulted in a draw, in 2008 – Pacquiao by split decision and in 2011 – Paquiao by majority decision. However, Marquez as well as many fans have not been pleased by the final results of each, especially with the last fight. Some felt that Marquez was ‘robbed’ while others argue that the score cards are enough proof.

The two have very different style of fighting, Pacquaio being a southpaw, moving with immense speed and Marquez being orthodox and a strategic counter-puncher. However, after 3 intense fights, both have already learned, studied and probably even dreamed of each other’s movements. pac5Even their training camps mentioned that because they’ve been seeing so much of each other, preparing for these matches is starting to feel like a regular job. I’m excited to see what both fighters bring to the table this time around!

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