Social Media Venting

Have a problem with a recent purchase? Cable company service giving you difficulty? Upset about the way your food tasted last night?  Didn’t like to the hair color you bank teller had? Ranging from comments like “Had an awesome experience today at Best Buy while trying to shop for a new TV” to “Never go here. This place sucks,” you can be sure that there will be a variety of community input displayed across all social media channels. Almost all businesses now have either a Facebook  fan page, Twitter account or blog. As these are usually open for public posts, companies have to be very responsive to what their audience has to say, good or bad.

Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions, tack is necessary when posting negative remarks about a company or service (if you want to be taken seriously). However, that’s not always the case. Too often are people posting rants about what they are not happy about, with no real content included, burying those with legitimate concerns. Do those nonsensical comments deserve a response from the company in question? For those with  legitimate concerns, is there a real person behind the company page reading these and are they considered despite the crap comments? How many complaints are needed in order to catch a company’s attention?

Thankfully, there are real people behind the scenes. They are equip with tools that monitor such activity and comments, so that legitimate concerns get addressed. Most large companies are prepared to handle these situations and have even developed a teams who specialize in addressing concerns vented on social media channels – sometimes in real time. Even though this process is sometimes abused by the public, it is the fastest way for the customer to get a response from a company, as well the company to prevent the spark from turning into wildfire. Regardless of the issue, the company’s reputation is on the line, so action will always be necessary.

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