Monetization of Wechat

Last week, I introduce a new star in social media, Wechat.

This week, I am going to talk about some problem it has now.

Basically, this is a difficult situation that all social mobile app will face—monetization.


Of course, they have to make money for surviving. But mobile Internet market is still pretty new, compared to PC Internet market. Thus, there is not any mature monetization model for companies.

Tons of mobile companies are staring at Wechat, wondering how it will make money without losing customer base, how it will make the balance between manage product and monetize. Monetization of mobile Internet is just as a curse which draws a lot of attentions. Wechat is the “Harry Potter”. Others are Wechat’s competitor, at the same time, Wechat is also their hope.

Recently, there are many arguments about Wechat’s open platform, complaining about too many advertising accounts, promoting accounts even some violent and porn information released accounts.

Wechat is born from the famousness of social networking. But on the earth, what is Wechat? Is it a kind of Social Media? A tool? A magic box?

The father of Wechat, Allen Zhang, is working hard on this problem. He is trying to higher the entering standard of platform and make those who post too much ads stopped. Only thing he wants is keeping Wechat growing “healthier”. There’s a very hard and long way in front.

In fact, Tencent is not lacking money at all. So it might be better not let its child, Wechat, see the business world too early.

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