Hootsuite.com to the Rescue!

Image taken from socialmediatoday.com

Nowadays, the average person has very little time to do things other than the “have-to’s.” Between work, school, children and other grown-up responsibilities, sometimes the last thing on one’s mind is if they sent out their daily tweet, or checked for status updates on Facebook. Not to mention the number of social media avenues that need to be checked, having to remember multiple login names and passwords, etc. Although this isn’t a priority for some, it is important to stay on top of these posts if you are trying to promote yourself or your business, have a following of some sort, or just want to keep up with events ranging from politics to your sister’s BBQ plans.   Faced with what seems like a daunting task, Hootsuite.com has created a platform to help simplify social media life.

Here they have created a dashboard on which you can view most of your social media accounts by logging in through one website. These accounts include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Myspace and Mixi. It also can include several mobile applications such as Instagram, YouTube and Trendsettr. Since it is organized by tabs and streams, you can quickly view all of your accounts, and spend more time on the ones you need or want to. There is also a function that allows you to post on multiple social network accounts all at once. These can be scheduled for a future date, or automatically post when your community is the most active. It may take some time to set everything up, organize your tabs, pick and choose your streams, and set up searches, but its a one time deal. Considering the time and frustration spent on going back and forth between accounts, this is no biggy. There are more sophisticated functions, such as one called ‘Assignments’ which allows you to delegate tasks to other people in a group (ie. dividing the responsibility for responding to customer complaints on Facebook). However, this tool does require a fee, and is probably more useful for larger businesses. Either way, the option is there.

To sum it up, this amazing platform helps you create your own social media hub, tailored to your specific needs and interests, serving as a one stop shop. Not a bad deal at all. Thank you, Hootsuite.com!

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