Etiquettes of Social Media


Whether you have been regularly using social media or you are a first time user, it is extremely important to learn the etiquettes of social media. Now even businesses have begun to take advantage of social media, hence professionalism and the etiquettes of how to use social media has become a must know knowledge. If used correctly, social media can do wonders for a business and really drive its traffic.

Here is a short infographic on the Do’s and Don’ts of social media in business.

 Social-Media-Business-Dos-and-Donts1 (1)

Having said this, there are some basic manners used in social media that all should always follow be it for business or personal, and which are often overlooked.

  • Be nice: what we do in social sites is similar to what we would at any social event. It’s a reflection of who we are and what we represent. Being positive and encouraging goes a long way.
  • Be respectful: Hiding behind a computer does not give one a free reign to say what they please. Age old rule applies here too. If you want respect then first learn to give respect.
  • Don’t be quick to judge: In social media and marketing contacts and relationships matter a lot. So don’t be quick to judge someone especially since you are not meeting that individual face to face. Get to know people before passing a judgment.
  • Never post in emotional state: When you are tired, drunk, angry or sad, refrain from posting on social sites as you may regret later.
  • Don’t Send games invitation: Unless you are sure about individuals playing online games on social sites, don’t sent invitations to them. It feels like spam
  • Don’t tag: Don’t tag your friends without their permission. It’s not polite. Especially when you have them in silly photos taken in a moment.
  • Information: Always offer information of value.
  • Keep your obsession to yourself: If you are obsessed by any celebrities, games or news…that’s fine but just keep it to yourself. You don’t have share every update with others …they may not share your interest and you will be just annoying them.
  • Not a personal diary: Always remember…social sites are not your personal diary. So avoid making updates that only make sense to yourself.

 Keeping these basic social media etiquettes in mind, use social media wisely and positively 🙂

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