New star: WeChat

Recently, I have been conducted a marketing research of a social media software, which I think very promising. So I am going to talk about what I learned from this research and share with you all.

WeChat, a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China, is a new and powerful mobile communication tool. It supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages. You can also do group chats, or you can find new friends nearby to talk to. WeChat works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Symbian devices. It’s free to download, install and use WeChat.

In this August, ‘moment’ was added into WeChat as a social media part. User can share their photos with friends and @ people whom they’d like to alert to their post. They can also Like or Comment on their friends’ photos just like Facebook.


With the development of technology about smartphone, more and more people have access to this software.

QQ, which has a user base like 0.7 billion, is another software launched by Tencent. Basically, QQ shared its user group with WeChat. This made WeChat arrived 0.2 billion users after 20 months from its launch.

Allen Zhang, the person who wrote Foxmail program, became the leader of WeChat’s development team. He is experienced not only in coding but also production management. QQ mailbox is his previous masterwork.

Of course, there is another thing we cannot ignore when it comes to WeChat’s huge success. The popularization of mobile Internet brings it more customers than ever.


In the latest release version, WeChat can be connected with Facebook. This change proves its ambition to enter international market. There are 9 languages choice offered to be chosen.

Users from 120 countries can register via SMS, not limited in China.

In fact, there were 0.1 million new users emerged in U.S in this September.


No matter how popular this software is now, it has to face some challenges.

Almost all IM software is not making any money now, what they want to do is still enlarging user base. So monetization model is a barrier in front that they have to overcome. How to make money and not to get users disturbing is a big issue.

Other IMs are waiting for its movement.

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