What’s the purpose of Social Networking?


Social Media was important since the start of Internet. At least to me, from MSN to BBS (Bulletin Board System), I was always involved and spent a lot of time regardless of how much homework I have to finish.

Social networking do occupy a lot of my life time, I have to ask, what’s the purpose of it? Why I am so addicted into it? What makes it so attractive?

Why people want to socialize? Cause people are social animal, who cannot live without others, I mean, only by himself.

There is a theory called the big three motives: Achievement, power and intimacy. Social Networking can help you decrease the cost of maintaining social relationships and lower the cost of achieving the big three motives.

Basically, internet is a media to help people make friends faster and easier.

Social networking is also a complement of reality. To people who don’t have enough social networking in reality, they will get satisfied in virtual world. To people who are hard to socialize (maybe too shy or not good at talking), they can experience another different world there.

But please don’t forget, a mature social network has to be a accurate reflection of reality, complex and concrete.

What’s your purpose of social networking?

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