Social Media: Positive or Negative effects on society? Part 1

Last week we posted about “Birth of Social Media & its function in today’s society”. This week I would like to  analyze the positive effects of Social Media.

As we discussed earlier blog, social media has indeed become an integral part of society today. Social media has been hyped up so much in the past several years that one is curious on what all the hoopla is about. But like everything in this world, there are always two sides of a coin. With the good comes the bad. So what is good and bad about social media? Let’s take a look.

Positive effects of Social Media 

The first positive effect of social media is definitely being able to stay in touch with family and friends. Even older generation has taken to social media to keep in touch with their children and family living far.

Social Media definitely helps in Professional networking too. We can build new contacts, search for jobs and find out about an opportunity much faster.

Social media has made reaching out to the masses much easier. Celebrities, politicians, employers can all reach out to the public via social media sites to post updates, announce events etc.

Even shy and socially handicapped people find a place for themselves in social media. They can avoid face to face communication and still be active socially. It increases their confidence and they no longer have to feel left out.

Schools and Colleges make use of student’s social networking abilities to create class blogs, discussion groups etc. which keeps studies fun and interesting.

Even organizing/ event planning has become so much easier with social media. People can get invites, RSVP instantly.

Shopping is also much more interesting. We can instantly read reviews about products, locations, places to stay etc online with the help of social media.  People also get readymade and suggested itineraries for places they plan to visit!

Using dating sites people can meet new friends/potential life partners much more easily.

The world in general has become more connected and virtually smaller and tight knit as people connect more, communicate more, keep in touch and can share their day to day lives with friends and loved ones.

But even after all of these and many more positive effects, social media has also made us more venerable in terms of safety, identity theft and many such evils of the world.

Stay tuned to this blog and we will discuss about some of the negative side effects of social media next week !

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