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Children of the Future

Call me old-fashioned (mind you, I was born in 1984), but I kind of miss having to write a letter, mail it and not receive a response for days at a time or needing to take a ten minute walk … Continue reading

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Can you remember how, when you were a little kid, your parents taught you how to ride a bicycle? You probably started off with these side wheels and, when you were comfortable with those, your parents would take them off … Continue reading

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New star: WeChat

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Recently, I have been conducted a marketing research of a social media software, which I think very promising. So I am going to talk about what I learned from this research and share with you all. WeChat, a mobile phone text and … Continue reading

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Social Media: Positive or Negative effects on society? Part 2

  Last week I posted about the positive effects of social media. This week I will continue with negative effects. The first and foremost negative effect that comes to my mind is the lack of privacy. Although social media sites … Continue reading

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What’s the purpose of Social Networking?

Social Media was important since the start of Internet. At least to me, from MSN to BBS (Bulletin Board System), I was always involved and spent a lot of time regardless of how much homework I have to finish. Social … Continue reading

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Rules of Engagement

Whether you enjoy it or not, you are naturally forced to communicate with someone or something in one way or another. While, it is not for certain that you will awake from your deep slumber tomorrow morning (yes, that’s a … Continue reading

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Monday Night Showdown

This Monday night I have class. Not even a year ago this wouldn’t have been a problem. Of course I always tried to avoid working, taking classes or having social obligations on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, from September through May. Because … Continue reading

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